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Area Map

  • Headingley Centre is a dense and diverse mix of commercial, community and residential buildings
  • Wood Lane and Headingley Hill have Victorian villas of with leafy avenues, mature trees and stone boundary walls.
  • North Hyde Park has a mixture of villas, terraces, back-to-backs, smaller semi-detached and short terraced houses
  • North Hyde Park also includes Leeds University’s Devonshire Hall, North Hill Court, James Baillie Park and Lupton Residences.
  • In the south of the area most housing is terraces with some inter-war semi-detached houses.
  • The Ash Road area has parallel streets running north-south with a mix of interwar semis, older terraces and some ex-council housing
  • The Turnways has classic 1930s semi-detached houses
  • The Foxcrofts have traditional sturdy semi-detached brick houses with medium sized gardens front and rear, as well as tower blocks built as affordable housing.
  • The Beckett Park estate to the North has concentric circles of interwar larger semi-detached houses on large plots,
  • Burley Road is bordered by Victorian villas in large plots border
  • Cardigan Triangle. Includes terraces and semis


Headingley is one of the most densely populated areas in the city, with a population density of 80.5 per hectare, compared with or 13.6 ph in Leeds as a whole.

Types of Housing Stock compared to the Leeds and national percentages

(Census data 2011 (KS401EW)

The proportions of semi-detached and terraced houses are very similar to the pattern nationally, but there are far fewer detached houses and many more than the average number of flats, particularly flats in converted properties. Almost two thirds of homes are privately rented and far fewer are owner occupied.


[Source: Census Data 2011 (KS402EW)]

Most of the tenants are students and, although there is student housing throughout the area, it is mainly concentrated in the south and west of the area.

Green Space

At face value, for such a densely populated area so close to the city centre Headingley has significant green space; however although this is concentrated at the edge of the plan area, and much of the area is densely populated with few public green spaces.