Question Answer
What is the point of a NP? It sets locally-distinctive planning policies to be used to determine planning applications in Headingley which help the delivery of a long term vision for the area. These policies provide a supplementary layer to the strategic local plan (in this case the Leeds Core Strategy and the Site Allocations Plan).
Why is the NP Area not the same as the Headingley &Hyde Park Ward? The Boundary Commission requires council Wards to have similar numbers of voters in them.  With changes in population this means Ward boundaries often get adjusted.  The HNP covers an area recognised by the local community groups and will remain fixed over its lifetime.
Isn’t that what a Parish Council does? Yes, but since Headingley doesn’t have a Parish or Town Council, we have established the Headingley Neighbourhood Forum which in terms of the Neighbourhood Plan serves a similar  function.
Isn’t the Forum a bunch of self-selecting middle class middle aged NIMBYs protecting its own narrow self-interests? No, no, no, no and no.  Firstly this is a community document, for residents of all types and especially for the young, for people who work in the area, or who own property, or who visit it regularly; Planning Law requires that full and wide consultation takes place and that all views are taken into account. Secondly, it is not seeking to preserve the area, but to lay out plans for how it should develop for 15 years into the future.
How can I help? Email the secretary on [email protected] Whatever your skills we have interesting tasks to share.

There are different levels of involvement available. Firstly, you can become a member of the Forum, which means you will be kept in the loop about what we’re up to and ultimately asked to vote on issues and options that we propose to include in the Plan.

Secondly, we are proposing that we begin to work on some secondary community projects in tandem with the preparation of the Plan. We are open to ideas; tell us what you think these should be!

Thirdly, you can become part of our Steering Group, who meet monthly to progress the actions of the Forum and work on the Plan document itself. You may have a particular topic area that you’d like to work on, for example heritage, green space or design, the more the merrier!

How can I keep up with the ideas generated? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on @HeadingleyPlan, alternatively you can email our secretary and be added to our mailing list!
What powers does it have? Once approved the HNP becomes part of the statutory development plan for Leeds which must then be used for consideration of all Planning Applications in the Area for the next fifteen years.  It will play a key part in determining what it will be like to live, work or play in Leeds’ number one suburb for the next generation.
What are the timescales? There has already been significant work done on producing a draft plan, and much of the necessary evidence work has been compiled. WE are now at the final stage, the local referendum on 24th November 2022. If the community votes for the plan it will be made at the end of 2022.