The referendum resulted a 95.3% vote for the plan, the vote was 768 for 38 against. This means the plan has now been passed.

From a statutory point of view the plan is to be treated as ‘made’ for purposes of determining planning applications so all planning officers will be notified that it needs to be a consideration in any planning applications in our neighbourhood area, and if the Forum (or any Headingley residents) are commenting on any applications they can also refer the plan as a material consideration.

The forum (with changing membership) has managed the plan since the beginning.  There is no obligation for the forum to continue, but there are now options for a new version of the forum (working in partnership with  other community and interest groups) to use the plan to the benefit of Headingley in the future.  Before the Covid lock down there were a few meetings involving members of the HNP steering group, Headingley network and Headingley Development Trust  to look at how we might do this. This work was derailed by the pandemic, but we had some interesting discussions about how we build on the very successful existing community involvement in Headingley in a way that opens things up to new and younger community members.   

Your steering group would like a well earned rest in the short to medium term but if any readers have thoughts on this then do email  [email protected]
and we will put you in touch with each other.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody for all the work they have put into this, its success is I think a measure of the community strength we have in our area.