Headingley Neighbourhood Plan forum is pleased to say that the presubmission version of the Headingley Neighbourhood Plan is now open for formal consultation.  The last forum meeting agreed the policies and objectives and since then the steering group has been working to produce this document.

Presubmission is not the end of the process, once we have your comments  the amended version will go to a national inspector, and then finally all residents within the plan area will be able to agree or not agree to the plan in a referendum.

There has been a lot of consultation with local residents, local businesses and others which has led to this plan so far; it has benefited hugely from the input of so many local people.  Now this is your chance to shape the final version of the plan.

The plan is here

If you need a version without pictures there is a word version here

The SRA/HEA screening report is here

The evidence base for the plan is here

The consultation period, from 16th June to 8th September, is 12 weeks long, twice as long as the statutory 6 weeks.  Due to Covid we won’t be able to have copies of the plan in local libraries or hold a public meeting. Instead we will have paper copies available for those who need one. (please email [email protected] for a copy.)  

All households and businesses in the plan area will receive a summary leaflet during the week commencing 22nd June.  A copy is here.

The engagement strategy we are working to is here together with the council’s approval here.

How to Comment

The Headingley Neighbourhood Forum welcomes your comments. Comments should be submitted, preferably by email to [email protected] or to [email protected]. Please include any references to page number, paragraph number and policy in your email.

A member of the neighbourhood planning team at Leeds City Council is available to discuss the plan over the phone, please contact the team on 0113 378 7997 to arrange.

There will be an online drop in event to discuss the plan on Sunday 9th August at 2pm, please contact the Forum to receive an invite.

The deadline for comments is 5pm on Tuesday 8 September.