Headingley Neighbourhood Plan Forum has been working for some years to develop a plan for our area.  We are finally  ready for our plan to go to the examiner.   When they have commented we will amend the plan and all local residents will be offered a vote in a referendum.

The most recent documents, and the records of all the consultation work done so far are available on the drop down menus on this website.

Our objectives:

We want Headingley to be a vibrant, inclusive, sustainable community which supports everyone’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. A place with good quality housing; good access to walking, exercise and play; good communities providing mutual support and a thriving economy serving residents, visitors and people coming to the area to work.

Headingley is our home. It is important too to visitors who work and play here.

We know that things have sometimes been difficult for local residents over the last few years, but now that we can see that things are slowly changing again, awe want to make sure that they change for the better.

We believe that our communities and businesses have many strengths which will help guide and support Headingley’s development over the next 15 years and want to use these to create a built and green environment which can support everyone living, working and visiting the area to enjoy it and be happy, healthy and productive.